Jack Frost

Other mistake: When Charlie is helping Jack watch TV through the window, his mother comes in and talks to him. By this point Charlie has stopped changing channels, but we can see the channel change effect once more.

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Other mistake: When Natalie is standing outside of the hockey van near the driver's side passenger door, the side of the van below the window should be about to her shoulders but is only to her waist. The side is about one foot below the loop on the back of the driver's seat, but lines up with the loop after Natalie is seated in the van. (01:15:32 - 01:17:09)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Charlie and the snowman (his dad) are getting chased by the bullies, the sled gets split in half into two sled pieces. But you can clearly see that in some parts of this scene, Charlie is riding a real snowboard, and in others he is riding the half piece of sled.

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Charlie: Rory, you know what it's like to have no dad.
Rory Buck: Yeah, I do. It sucks! A snowdad is better than no dad.

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Trivia: The lead guitarist in the Jack Frost Band is the film's music composer, Trevor Rabin.

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Question: When they get chased by the other kids Charlie asks Jack (the living snowman) to turn them to ice to which Jack replies he "doesn't even got pickets". Was this some sort of joke? Could someone enlighten me?

Answer: He says "I don't even have pockets." He's just saying he doesn't have the power to zap them into ice.


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