The Muppets' Wizard of Oz

Continuity mistake: When Dorthy runs back into the trailer to get her pet the windows break and are all messed up. But look at the window that breaks in one shot it is perfectly fine next messed up. It changes many times thought the whole scene.


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Pepe the Prawn: Those of you who have Dark Side of the Moon, press play now.



When Dorthy is trying to audition for the Muppet's the man says they are gone and the Muppet's bus pulls up. If you look when the bus is pulling up there is no one in it, even the driver seat is empty. Then a few seconds after the bus stops Kermit and Miss. Piggy come walking out.



At the part where the band arrives to play for the evil witch, one of the band members states "We've had the same stinking tour bus since 1978" which is referring to "The Great Muppet Movie" (made in 1978) in which they first mention the tour bus.