The Hills Have Eyes 2

Corrected entry: Where do everyone's rifles come from? Amber and Napoleon's were stolen, but later we see them both with rifles.


Correction: One of them takes Sarge's rifle after he is killed. The other one is Spitter's rifle. Before he rappelled down the cliff, he left his rifle on top because it would've been harder for him to carry both the rifle and Sarge's corpse.


Corrected entry: The national guardsmen had to scale the side of a cliff to see who was signalling them. Napolean and Amber, who were left behind, decide to join the rescue group and without ropes find the group on the cliff. When the group leave they cannot get back down the cliff. How did Amber and Napolean climb up the cliff?

Correction: They went up a different, longer way. That way was blocked when they tried to return, and had to go the way the original group went, where they discovered the ropes used the first time were gone.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, the Sergeant refers to themselves as the "US National Guard". It is simply "National Guard". The National Guard does not belong to the US as a whole, but to the states. The US Army is the federal government's military force.

Correction: The Sergeant means "US National Guard" to stand for the United States' National Guard. Apostrophe appearing after the "s" to denote the the plurality of the noun. I know several people currently in the National Guard, and they have all referred to it like this on several occasions.

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