Redneck Zombies

Redneck Zombies (1989)

Ending / spoiler

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After the people of the town drinking the nuclear moonshine, they become zombies. Sally and Theresa are first killed by the zombies. The rest of the campers go to a cave after Andy is killed by a zombie. Bob who is med students starts tripping and decides to do an autopsy on one of the zombies that were killed. Bob is tripping during this process so when starts taking out eh organs they appear different to him (Like beer cans, or a shoe, etc.) Bob finds out that a certain type of spray deodorant will kill the zombies. The army soldiers arrive, and Loren and the corporal are killed by the zombies. When the campers make their final stand against the zombies, Wilbur gets cut in the half by the zombies and dies. Bob acts like a zombie go they don't go after him at first, but instead go after the Drinking guy, and after Bob vomits, the zombies go after him and kill him. Robinson (the sergeant) gets his head crushed by the zombie version of Ferd Mertz. Lisa escapes and then kills off the remaining Clemson clan. Lisa then gets caught by Ferd who rapes her. Lisa rams a corn husker in his eye socket. Lisa is found by the Tobacco Man and ends up in the mental hospital pregnant with Ferd's kid. We also learn that the Drinking man survives.


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