The Cheetah Girls 2

Continuity mistake: When the Spanish singer is singing on in the club for the first time on her own, at the end of her song she stamps on her hat flattening it. In the next shot, the hat is back to normal.

Continuity mistake: When Galleria and Chanel are talking in the train station when Galleria is supposed to leave, Chanel's left braid flips back and forth over her shoulder as the camera angle changes.

Continuity mistake: After Dorinda's kiss with Jouaquin, in the dancing saloon, Aqua is doing something with her shoes while she's sitting on the floor. After she's done she stands up, before Dorinda and Jouaquin come in the saloon, but in the next shot of all the girls, Aqua is still sitting on the floor.

Audio problem: At the beginning of the song "It's Over", during the first chorus while Galleria leans her head against the pole of the bed, the words that she is singing, or lip-synching, are different than the words that can be heard. While she is mouthing "How COULD I let the sweetest." you can hear "How DID I let the sweetest."

Continuity mistake: After Aqua notices the shooting stars she puts down her chinese takeout and walks over to the window. But when they are at the window she has food in her hands again.

Continuity mistake: When the wind blows through the window and causes the magazine page to flip to the dance contest page, the magazine is on the bed. However it was placed on the desk by Galleria when the Cheetah's get up to look at the shooting star.

Continuity mistake: When the girls are in the dance saloon, they dance and sing, but you can also see that Joaquin is standing right at their back, near the wall. In the next shot, you can see just a part of Joaquin, and he's dancing on the Cheeta's song. But in the next moment he is standing near the wall again, and he's just smiling, not dancing.

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