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Epic Movie (2007)

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Corrected entry: During the Snakes on a Plane parody, the snake hanging off of the oxygen mask to Susan's right is, quite obviously, a rubber snake.


Correction: Which is the point of the joke.

Corrected entry: When Magneto opens the locker door and smacks Peter, we can see that the lock is still on the door. How can the door open if it's locked?


Correction: Magneto can control metal. He bent the catch on the locker door, which would render the lock useless.


Corrected entry: In the scene of the battle, Peter pauses the world. Then a girl comes jogging, followed by two men. If Peter stopped time, how could they jog?

Correction: That's the joke. It was done intentionally. This movie is a spoof, with lots of things done for comedic effest.

Corrected entry: When Edward meets the queen, she zaps the elf guy. On the second time she does it, you see the "Elf" land on the right side of the car. He gets up on the left side. He pulls forward a little bit, and if you go in slow-mode, you can see the doll in the left seat. About two or three shots later, you see another shot later where you can see the right seat, and the doll is gone.

Douglas Leathem

Correction: He could have fallen on one side but gotten up, bringing himself back into view, on the other. And if you have to use slo-mo to see the doll, it's not valid as per the rules of this site.


Corrected entry: In the battle scene, Peter pauses everyone and the kids attack. When Peter cuts down the line of warriors the one closest to you is obviously real and is moving.

Correction: They're all real. And the dwarf is able to move slightly, they make a point of showing it, so why not the others?


Corrected entry: When the old Lucy puts on the coat, it is covered in frost. However in the next shot, it is completely clean.

Correction: It's not frost, it's snow. And there's enough time between shots of Lucy that she could have shook it off.


Corrected entry: At the end when they are all old and urinating in the snow, how are Lucy and Susan urinating in a straight stream?

Correction: It is possible for girls to stand up and pee, however the scene was played for laughs, it's not meant to be "accurate" (as is the case for the entire movie).

Nick Bylsma



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