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Dwayne: Now that Dr. King is gone, nobody left but Bobby. Nobody.

Samantha: Who am I more? Jackie or Ethel, and you have to pick one. Who Am I more?
Jack: ...Samantha.

Diane: If marrying you tonight keeps you from going to Vietnam, then it's worth it.

Paul: I've been getting complaints that you're not allowing the kitchen staff to vote today.
Timmons: They're not gonna vote. Half of them are illegal, they can't vote.

Miriam: That poor woman... I used to be such a fan.

Samantha: I forgot to pack my black shoes. I packed a black dress and a back up dress, but the backup dress also requires black shoes. I don't have them. I forgot to pack my black shoes.

Dwayne: Now that Dr. King is gone, no-one left but Bobby - no-one.

Fisher: What are you looking for?

Continuity mistake: When Paul (the hotel manager) finds Timmons in the kitchen when Timmons had been shot and is bleeding, we see Timmons with his hands on his blood that is on his shirt. When Paul comforts him, he puts his bloody hands on Paul's white shirt, but when we see Paul outside the hotel, there is no stain from Timmon's blood.

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