The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth (1964)

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Corrected entry: Dr. Morgan's car is initially a 1956 Chevrolet wagon, as he is hunting vampires, it becomes a 1958 Ford Wagon.

Correction: The vampires destroyed the first car - he went to a car dealership and got the other.



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About 25 minutes into the film, Vincent Price puts two vampire bodies into the back of his station wagon. Viewed from the open rear door, the woman is on the right side face up and the man is on the left side face down, and he drives off to the pit. In the next scene, he parks the car at the pit and when he goes to unload the bodies, the woman is now on the left side face down and the man is one the right side face up. For people who have died and then been killed again, they sure did move around a lot in the back of that car.