Arthur and the Invisibles

Continuity mistake: Arthur had only 36 hours to spend in the Minimoy world, and he leaves at midnight. He spends a full 24 hours too long as a Minimoy. After he finds the Minimoy Princess they travel during the day. They spend the first night sleeping in a flower (24 hour mark); the second night he is wandering under the house, the grandma is sleeping in a chair above him (48 hour mark). He then returns at noon. That's 60 hours.

Continuity mistake: The toy Ferrari almost gets run over but ends up in front of, but between, the car's two tires. When the man returns to his car, the toy car is on the outside of the front left tire.

Continuity mistake: Selenia harpoons the flower on the outside. When she pulls it down, the harpoon is on the inside.

Low Cow

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