Dance Me Outside

Dance Me Outside (1994)

Ending / spoiler

Gaskell is released from prison and plans to return to the Blue Quills. Frank, Silas, Coyote, Gooch and the rest of the group plan to kill Gaskell with knives. The plan backfires, and they are arrested after Clarence is found dead with his throat slit. They are brought to the police station. Gooch begins a violent fight with the cops and almost wins. The cops strip down the rest of the guys so they can examine their clothes, but since they can't find any evidence that they killed Gaskell, they turn them lose into the cold night wearing only their boxers. They hitch a ride back to the rez and Silas finds Sadie in her house, covered in blood. He realizes she killed Clarence Gaskell. They burn Sadie's clothes. The cops never find out who killed Gaskell. Gooch spends a few months in jail for assaulting the cops. Illeana gets pregnant. Silas and Frank get into mechanic school.

Evan Raufbold



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