Continuity mistake: In the scene where Paltrow awakens the next morning after the birth you see her both her arms past her elbows and there is no sign of an injection wound on her right arm where Lange gave her the morphine shot. Yet later in the kitchen during the pivotal confrontation scene with Lange when Paltrow pulls up her sleeve to show her right arm as she explains how Lange tried to kill her the night before, there is a large large black and blue mark wound at the injection site on her right arm.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the bedroom where the mother walks in on Gwyneth supposedly naked, she runs and jumps underneath the covers. However, you can see her underwear on as she pulls the covers over her. (00:04:28)

Continuity mistake: Throughout the film, the degree of Gwyneth pregnancy changes quite noticeably. Also, because some shots had to be reshot after Gwyneth got her first short haircut (in real life), she is obviously wearing an ill-fitting wig that does not match her true hair color.

Continuity mistake: When Helen gives Jackson's grandma a photo of her ultrasound, the photo is upside down, then right side up in the next shots.

Continuity mistake: At delivery, Helen's roots are showing. The morning after, her hair is perfect, and the belly is gone. When did she had the time to dye her hair, and how did the belly disappear in only one night?

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