Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

After Char gets Axis back from the Earth Federation, he turns on it's engines and send it towards Earth in hopes of causing a nuclear winter. Londo Bell decides to try and destroy Axis by placing nuclear bombs in it. Bright and the other offices head in Axis to do this. Amuro Ray and the other Londo Bell pilots fight Char's Axis forces. Hathaway pilots a Jegan into the battlefield and finds Quess. Hathaway tries to convince Quess to leave Axis and return with him. Chan Agi apopears in the damage Re-ZG and kills Quess. Due to the death of Quess Hathaway kills Chan Agi by destroying the Re-ZG. Bright and the other Londo Bell officers leave Axis and set the bombs off, which split Axis in two and sending one half of Axis to Earth. Amuro Ray and Char Aznable fight their final battle on the remains of Axis. Amuro gets the best of Char and Char ejects from the Sazabi. Amuro takes Char's escape pod and slams it into Axis. Amruo using the Nu Gundam attempts to stop Axis from falling on Earth. Axis and Earth Federation mobile suits assist Amruo in trying to stop Axis. Amuro tells them to leave since their suits will burn up in the Earth's Atmosphere. As a result of everything thinking about stoping Axis from hitting Earth, Amuro's psychoframe starts to overload. As the other pilots leave, Amuro is left trying to stop Axis. Char and Amuro talking about Quess and Lalah. As a result of the psychoframe overloading, the Nu Gundam is destroyed killing Amuro an Char. As a result of the psychoframe, Axis is pushed away from Earth from the psyhic energy that the Nu Gundam's psychoframe produced.


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