How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Corrected entry: When the Grinch and Cindy Lou are coming down the mountain on the sleigh, and nearly crash into Lou and the Christmas tree, when Cindy's mum goes to get her off the sleigh, you can hear Cindy say "Mommy", but her lips don't move.

Correction: Her lips do move.

Corrected entry: When the Grinch is stealing the sugar plums out of the dream cloud, you can the threads holding the plums up.

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Correction: No you can not. The plums are computer generated.


Corrected entry: If she "blew every fuse in the house" trying to keep up with Martha May, as she claimed, then why are there operating lights in the house? And if there are working lights, why does Lou carry a lit candelabra in the house?

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Correction: Lou is only employing hyperbole with his claim that his wife "blew every fuse in the house", but he carries a candelabra because some fuses really are blown and he needs it to see while in those rooms,.


Corrected entry: In her investigation, Cindy Lou was told that the Grinch disappeared. Martha May says "And that was the last time that we ever saw him. The very last time." If that is so, then how did the Whos know that the Grinch was living on Mount Crumpit? The paper shown has a picture of Crumpit, and the Grinch in a close up.

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Correction: She may have meant her and her classmates. We don't know who took the picture of him on the mountain, or how close they got to him.

Corrected entry: When in the town square, the mayor announces that it's time for nominations for Holiday Cheermeister. The camera goes out to a wide shot, and there is a person in the foreground of the shot with a yellow balloon. The tether on it never straightens out like an ordinary string. It stays crooked.

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Correction: This is part of the magic of Whoville. Many things seem to defy physics in this world.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Drew and Stu Lou Who are going up Mount Krumpit with the two girls at the beginning of the film, you can see a mike in one of the overhead shots - right around the time when the boys are saying 'You're scared of the Gri-inch, you're scared of the Gri-inch."

Correction: I watched that part and what was seen is actually the top of a pine tree.

Corrected entry: When Cindy is in the Grinch's cave, she has gloves on. Yet when she falls into the trap door, she doesn't have any gloves on.

Correction: Cindy has gloves on in the Grinch's lair, and they are still on her hands as she falls down the trap door. They then come off during her slide down the chute. The gloves are still visible all the time because they are the type of gloves on strings (usually attached to the coat.)


Corrected entry: In the scene when Cindy Lou Who is leaving the Grinch's cave after she talks abut the Grinch's cheermister award, she goes down the shoot to Whoville feet first, yet when she arrives at Whoville she comes out head first.

Correction: When the Grinch is going to his lair, it shows the route of the pipeline in a red line, during that, it shows it making a zigzag pattern. So when Cindy Lou is going down it, it is possible that her position would change, while still in it, due to turning within the zigzag.

Corrected entry: As the Grinch enters a house to steal the gifts he lets moths out to "eat" the cloth stockings, this in fact is not true - it is the moth's larvae which eat the cloth.

Correction: Perhaps in the "real" Whoville, they have a different type of moth....

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when The Grinch's dog is pulling the sleigh full of Christmas gifts up the mountain, the sleigh continues to move upwards the mountain although the dog has stopped pulling it.

Correction: Basic Newtonian mechanics: an object in motion tends to stay in motion. When the dog stops, the sled continues to move because of its momentum.

Corrected entry: When Betty is putting up her lights, Martha May comes out of her house and shows her the old antique chandalier thing. The next thing she shows her is the light machine. In one shot, Martha is shaking while using the machine, in the next she isn't. It keeps changing throughout the scene.

Correction: When you see far shots of Martha May shooting the lights, it APPEARS that she isn't shaking. But small motions like this are difficult to notice from far distances, no matter how good your eyesight is.

Corrected entry: How convenient is it that when he goes up to save the sleigh that there are steps to get up the mountain?

Correction: It's the top of his mountain. He made the steps himself.

Corrected entry: In the middle of Whoville they have a very large Christmas tree. Towards the middle of the movie the Grinch burns it down and the Whos put out an "extra one." When the Grinch is "Santa" and steals all the Whos' presents he also takes the big Christmas tree that's in the centre of Whoville (you can see the tree in the big red bag on the sleigh when he's at the top of Mt. Crumpit). Later all the Whos are singing in a circle around the big tree that the Grinch JUST took.

Correction: The tree in his bag is one he took from one of the houses

Corrected entry: Right before the "Whobilation" Cindy Lou is holding the Book of Who upside down.

Correction: It opens from the top, so if you're looking at her it appears that it's upside down

Corrected entry: When they show the scene in the post office there are approximately 100 mail slots, that seems to be far less than the population of Whoville.

Correction: It's a big, bustling town. There's more than one postal area (ZIP code to Americans). This post office only services 100 people, and the one down the street services 100 more, etc.



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Grinch: Fat boy ought to finishing up any time now. Talk about a recluse! He only comes out once a year, and HE never catches any flak for it! Probably lives up there to avoid the taxes! [Notices Santa leaving.] OOOpsy! Forgot about the reindeer. If I can't find a reindeer, I'll make one instead. Oh, MaaaaAAAAAX!



After the Grinch unscrews the light bulb in the town Christmas tree, all the lights in the town go dark and the Grinch starts to take off in his sled-thing. When they show a close up of him, the lights are on. Then a few seconds later, the lights are off again.



Director Ron Howard eventually decided that he had to experience what the cast was going through (since they all had to spend so much time in makeup, especially Jim Carrey) so Howard wore the Grinch makeup one day and directed all day long as the Grinch.