Corrected entry: The shooting of Cate Blanchett is worse than the 'Magic Bullet' that killed Kennedy. She is facing the front of the bus, leaning her head against the window to her left. The bullet hole appears in the window next to her (where it probably wouldn't have even hit her) and the bullet supposedly went through her left should from front to back - Impossible with the bullet exiting the window beside her.

Joel Amos Gordon

Correction: Actually if you look at the shot of the kid shooting the bus you can see that Cate is actually shot through the window. It enters through the glass, then into Cate's shoulder.

Corrected entry: When the Japanese girl writes the final note to the detective (the one she puts in her pocket) she was writing for maybe 15 seconds. When the detective looks at the paper later on it's covered with small print. There's no way she could have written so much in so short a time.

Joel Amos Gordon

Correction: First, the camera may not be showing all the time she was writing. Second, it takes no longer to write Japanese characters than writing in English, so, yes, she could have written so much in such a short time.

Corrected entry: The boys in the desert shoot at the tour bus from its right side, but when Cate Blanchett gets hit by the bullet, it comes through the left-side window she's resting against.

Correction: It could have been a ricochet from one of the hundreds of rocks and boulders lining the road.

Corrected entry: When the Japanese girl flashes her crotch at the boys in the cafeteria, it's almost shaven. But when she appears fully nude later the same day, her pubic area is rather bushy.

Correction: She is far from shaved in the cafeteria scene. Her line in the bathroom about "meeting the real hairy monster" wouldn't make much sense either if she was.


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