Continuity mistake: When the nanny is walking in the desert, she falls down. However, when she is on the ground, she is wearing shoes completely different than the ones she had been wearing the shot before.


Audio problem: When the large guy from the tour bus asks Brad Pitt if his wife is ok (when Brad was walking down the stairs at the village), Brad answers without moving his mouth.

Joel Amos Gordon

Factual error: You can see on the text message "20h48." But she receives this message during the afternoon (the time is incorrect). (00:27:35)

julien bouchard

Continuity mistake: When the father is trying to wrestle the rifle away from the son, the shot changes to the police running around frantically. If you look in the background you can see the the boy firing the rifle without the father. The shot changes again to the father wrestling with the boy for the gun.

Joel Amos Gordon

Other mistake: The boy fires a bullet on the right side of the bus, but she is shot by a bullet entering through a window on the left side where they were sitting.

Richard: This is your fucked-up country, it's your responsibility.

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Question: Why did the Japanese girl lie about her mother jumping off the balcony? She'd probably have gained the same amount of sympathy from the officer if she had told him about finding her mother after she had shot herself. And why doesn't the father look more surprised that she's naked? He just blinks and hugs her?

Answer: It's obvious that this girl has quite serious psychological problems. Thus her erratic behavior, of which her father must also have some experience already.

Answer: Chieko was traumatized by her mother's death (and feels a great need for physical contact and affection) (though she (mistakenly) manifests this in a sexual way...not too unusual in young disabled people). Her father seems to suffer from this same horrific loss, which means that they're both stuck in a kind of "loss-limbo" (unable to satisfy either's needs). On the balcony, the two holding hands suggests the beginning of the "breaking of the ice" between them. BTW, her nudity-in that scene-has no significance. This is just a father and his child. I wish the movie-makers had given us a clue about that damned note. Though the secrecy of it does kind've suggest that it reflects her intent to end her life...even as her mother did. Her appearance in the nude to the cop (which, on the face of it, seems very erotic) challenges us to remember that people exist on "different levels" or expressions (or "ego-states"). The main thing is that she's calling out for affection and being comforted.

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