Yellowbeard (1983)


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Betty: It's about your father.
Dan: What about him?
Betty: When I said he was dead, I was only trying to cushion the blow.

Dan: Look, if you cut my head off it'll start to putrify.
Yellowbeard: Do what?
Dan: Putrify, go rotten.
Yellowbeard: Yeah, it would ooze a lot, heads do. But I could live with that.

Yellowbeard: Dying's the easy way out. You won't catch me dying. They'll have to kill me before I die.

Betty: When little Dan was two minutes old I tattooed it on his head.
Yellowbeard: Does he know about this?
Betty: Oh, no no no, that's why I kept him in the cupboard for three years. That may be why he's a bit odd with all these books, and reading, and stuff like that.

Harvey "Blind" Pew: It sounded as though there was a bit of a squabble.
Moon: Squabble? They're all dead.
Harvey "Blind" Pew: Oh! Must have been more of a tiff then.

Commander Clement: Twenty years ago today you were sentenced to jail.
Yellowbeard: Yes, and now I'm due to released.
Commander Clement: Yes. Or rather, no. You see, twenty years ago, no-one was expected to live in jail for twenty years.

Narrator: The pirate Yellowbeard captured many other galleons, killing over five-hundred men in cold blood. He would tear the captains hearts out and swallow them whole. Often forcing his victims to eat their own lips, he was caught and imprisoned... for tax evasion.

Betty: That's Yellowbeard.
Yellowbeard: I'm in disguise, you stupid tart.

Continuity mistake: On the beach, Commander Clement has his arm wrapped around Triola. The next shot has Clement just putting his arm around Triola.

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Trivia: Tommy Chong couldn't do a Spanish accent, so while all the other Spanish characters imitate Spanish English, he just does a speech impediment instead. He admitted so himself in the 'making of'.

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