North Star

North Star (1996)

Ending / spoiler

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Sean McLennon winds up killing three of his own posse, first one out of jealousy after the man offers to take Sarah back to the settlements and Sean mistakes that as a chance for his man to get frisky with Sarah (the poor bloke gets shot in the back of the head...exposing his skull to the world). After a shootout with some deputies, one posse member gets an opened up stomach, and as he begs for help Sean, shows his first aid skills with a shot to the heart. Noticing his tracking skills, one member twigs that Sean must be a half-breed too like Hudson Saanteek, hence his despising for native americans and in particular half-casts, maybe that's why he wants to kill Hudson, that way it'll be like killing himself. Sean takes offence to this anylasis by stabbing the guy blaming it on Hudson. Hudson does in the remaining members by induced wolf attack, which tears out one man's throat. Hunting blade in the back and drowning by shoving the fellow into a strong underwater current, the bloke being Reno, Sean's right hand man, who is dragged by said current beneath the icecaps to be sucked down into the chilling depths. Seeing as how Hudson fell in along with Reno, Sean leaves trumphant, but returns to find the local marshall's waiting for him, Sarah having been rescued by the natives after he left her to die feeling she had betayed him (and sold him out to the marshalls). Hudson drops by the cells to check on Sean, to see he's escaped and killed the guards. He shows up at the saloon just in time to impale Sean on a knife as Sean is about to stab Sarah for grassing him up (he came to say a final goodbye to her before he left, but so did Hudson)

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