Horror of Dracula
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Jonathan Harker: You make it very difficult for me. After all, I'm a guest here. If I'm to help you, I must have a reason.
Vampire Woman: A reason! You ask for a reason? Is it not reason enough that he locks me up in this house, holds me against my will? You can have no idea what an evil man he is... or of the terrible things he does.

Vampire Woman: You will help me, won't you? Say you will, please.
Jonathan Harker: How can I help you?
Vampire Woman: Get me away from here.

Tania: Do you know what's wrong with her?
Doctor Seward: Of course, I do.
Tania: Then why don't you make her better?
Gerda: Tania... Tania. How many times have I told you not to go bothering Mrs. Holmwood? I'm sorry, ma'am.
Mina Holmwood: That's all right, Gerda.
Doctor Seward: A child's logic can be most disconcerting.
Mina Holmwood: Yes.

Doctor Van Helsing: If the investigation that Mr. Harker and I are engaged upon is successful, not only you, but the only whole will benefit. Castle Dracula is somewhere here in Klausenberg. Will you tell me how I get there?
Landlord: You ordered a meal, sir. As an innkeeper, it is my duty to serve you. When you've eaten, I ask you to go and leave us in peace.

Doctor Van Helsing: What are you afraid of?
Landlord: I don't understand you.
Doctor Van Helsing: Why all these garlic flowers? And over the window? And up here? They're not for decoration, are they?

Arthur: Dr. Van Helsing, I am not at all satisfied. You suddenly appear and tell us that Jonathan Harker is dead. And yet you will not tell us where or how he died. I find it extremely suspicious.
Mina Holmwood: Arthur.

Vampire Woman: I could not... dare not try to leave on my own. He would find me again, I know. But with you to help me, I might have a chance. You must help me! You must! You're my only hope! You must.
Jonathan Harker: I'll help you, I promise. Please don't distress yourself.

Continuity mistake: In the final sequence where Dracula's foot has been disintegrated by the rays of the sun, his foot is seen firmly attached again seconds later as Van Helsing confronts him with a makeshift cross. In the scene Cushing, with his back to the camera, steps forward quickly from the foreground to cover the area where Lee's foot is briefly seen as having not been disintegrated.

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