Flicka (2006)


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Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Are you going to kill Flicka?
Rob McLaughlin: I'm just going to have a look at her, baby.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: It's okay, Daddy. You can shoot us.

Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Calm down, Flicka.
Nell McLaughlin: You named her?
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Flicka. That is the word, isn't it?
Gus: Oh, yeah. Beautiful um... young girl.
Jack: Well, you got the girl part right.

Rob McLaughlin: There's no good reason why this animal should be alive.
Nell McLaughlin: There's a very good reason she's alive-she's got mustang blood in her. She's a fighter, just like our girl.

Rob McLaughlin: Our daughter lives in a fantasy land.
Nell McLaughlin: So do you! Look at you, sitting on top of Cowboy Mountain looking down at the world passing by. When are you going to look at your daughter and realise that she's you?

Howard McLaughlin: You can have Chariot.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: It's not the same thing.
Howard McLaughlin: Well, four legs and a tail. Food goes in the front, out the back.

Continuity mistake: During one of the first times Katy mounts Flicka to ride her, Flicka isn't wearing a harness, yet in the next shot she is.

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