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Continuity mistake: The Danbys ride in with 13 gunmen. Prudy kills two. Both are shown lying dead in the middle of the street. A few minutes later both dead Danbys are missing from the street and there are once again 13 live Danbys facing Joe stretched over the cannon.

Continuity mistake: Walter Burke leaves the balcony last, but has moved forward one place when the view switches to inside. Also, the closed door has partly opened. (00:05:50)

Continuity mistake: When the Danby clan rides into town to get Joe out of jail, they ride up to the sheriff's office and get down from their horses. Pa Danby sends his other 2 sons inside to "get Joe." They come just three seconds later and all of the horses are gone. (01:22:10)


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Suggested correction: The Danby Clan ties up the horses in front of the saloon, not the jail. Pa sends his two sons into the saloon to buy drinks while he goes across the street to get Joe. When the camera pulls back to show Pa Danby crossing the street, the horses are visible on the left side of the screen.

You are thinking of an earlier scene in the movie when Pa Danby firsts confronts the sheriff. The scene I was talking about was at the end of the movie when the entire Danby clan rides into town to "Get Joe."


Visible crew/equipment: During the closing scene, just as the deputy starts to walk towards the right of the screen, if you look between the two buildings, you can see the top of what appears to be a bus riding by.

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Jason McCullough: How's Joe?
Jake: Oh, he figures he's going to be out of here and we're going to be dead about this time tomorrow.
Jason McCullough: Did he seem to feel any sorrow over the fact that we might all be killed?
Jake: No, it's more like he planned to dance and spit all over our graves.
Jason McCullough: Sounds like Joe.

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