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The Queen is a look into the challenging time surrounding the death of Princess Diana and the attempt to address the public during their extraordinary grief-PM Tony Blair favored a modern, very public approach that showed appreciation to the Princess and her contributions, while the Royal family felt that a more private, "dignified" and classic approach was warranted, especially as she had divorced Prince Charles. Queen Elizabeth II, played with subtle sadness and great restraint by Dame Helen Mirren, draws you in more than the rest as she struggles to maintain her composure and trike a balance to her own mourning while coping with feelings of betrayal by Diana and manipulation by newly elected and young Tony Blair. Archival footage and pretty solid acting by all elevate this recent history drama. If you remember Princess Di or otherwise still feel for what happened at that time, this film is worth a look.

Erik M.

The Queen mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After the Queen has made the changes to her tribute speech you can see she puts the cap back on her pen. The next shot she puts the cap on again. (01:20:25)

Lummie Premium member

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HM Queen Elizabeth II: Nowadays people want glamor and tears, the grand performance. I've never been good at that.

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