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This Is the Army (1943)

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Corrected entry: As the troops are marching out at the end of "Yip Yip Yaphank", Alan Hale Sr. gives the order to "column right, MARCH", but George Tobias starts the turn BEFORE Hale says "MARCH". Anybody who's spent any time in the military knows that you NEVER start executing a drill command until the drill instructor or equivalent gives the "execute word" (e.g. "MARCH"). This may seem a small thing, but it's crazy making to anybody who knows better. (00:17:45)

Correction: This was called "anticipating the command", i.e., executing the command before it is given. It happened often and was a no win situation. We'd get yelled at for anticipating the command (starting the turn before MARCH), or when the command for column right was given on the LEFT foot, we were yelled at for NOT anticipating the command. It's just real life. Not every single unit out there is part of 3rd Infantry that does nothing but practice D&C all day long.


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