The Hole

Corrected entry: What is the power source in the underground bunker where most of the action takes place? Given the number of lights it can hardly be a battery and it's unlikely to be a generator.

Correction: The bunker would be connected to the power grid in the area, and it would continue to get power from the local power grid until that power was cut off by whatever event required the use of the bunker. It would then switch to a generator or a battery or both, it would also probably be set up to use less power at that time by using fewer lights, etc.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when Thora Birch stumbles into the school and phones the police, she dials 911 when she is in England and should have dialed 999 (or 112 - European standard number). You can even hear her whisper to herself the words "nine one one".

Correction: She does dial 999. As she presses the button three times, you can hear that the three tones are the same.

Corrected entry: Liz's version of events to the police psychiatrist don't actually make any sense. She claims that after being locked in the bunker by Martin, her and the three others managed to escape completely unharmed, and he is subsequently charged. Yet surely they should realise that her whole story is nothing but a lie, given that they have cordoned off the site and discovered three dead bodies. How can they believe a story that indicates that no one has died, when they have a trio of corpses in the morgue?

Correction: They don't believe her at all. The psych herself says she's delusional and her version of the story is "trip to Disneyland-like". But they think she suffers from post-traumatic stress. To them, she made up the happy ending story out of her incapacity to accept the deaths of her friends.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, when the hatch is seen from the outside it is vertical (perpendicular to the ground), but when viewed from inside the hole, it is horizontal (parallel to the ground).

Correction: There are two doors/hatches.


Corrected entry: At the start we see Thora Birch walking through the woods, she has blood on her, but where does the blood come from, because when she got out of the hole she didn't have any on her.

Correction: She may have cut herself any time between climbing out of the hole and reaching the road. She would have been dizzy and stumbling a lot, and there would be plenty of things in the woods she may have cut herself on.


Corrected entry: At the beginning, the police suspects the guy with the glasses, although he was out of the country in the critical period. The police knew that the girl (the psychopath) had managed to come out of the hole. How then could they suspect the guy with the glasses, since either he would have had to let her out (which was not possible- since he was not in the country at that time) or she would have needed to have the key. Or how else could she have come out?

Correction: The police inspector assumed the girl must have picked the lock. He says so when he asks to interrogate the girl.

Corrected entry: Men grow stubble about 3 days after they shave, but the 2 men were traped in the "hole" for 18 days. Don't you think that they would have a lot of facial hair by now?

Correction: It's possible they packed razors - they had been planning on spending the best part of three days in there and they wanted to look good for Liz and Frankie.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Thora Birch's character goes to a café with her psychologist, the psychologist takes a bite of a cake and puts it back on the table. In the next scene, the cake has not been touched.

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Geoff: After you start to feel thirsty, you find yourself feeling impatient, maybe even a little sick. And your pulse starts to go up, then there's the headaches, dizziness... when it gets bad, your vision will blur and you'll find it hard to walk and talk. Your tongue swells up, your skin shrivels, you twitch, you go deaf and then you die.

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Question: What is the music used when the police are arriving at the school in the beginning, when the kids try to open the door, and during the end credits? Anybody know where I can get hold of it?

Answer: The Hole, by Cliff Mansell. No idea where to get hold of it.

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