Prizzi's Honor

Prizzi's Honor (1985)

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Upon meeting with Don Corrado Prizzi with the monetary request from his wife Irene, Charley is informed that he must kill her. She had become a liablity to the Prizzi Family after killing the Police Captain's wife. The police had begun to crack down on the Mafia Families, and in turn created a volatile situation that was leading to a war between the Families. Charley ultimately consents to the request because he'd sworn an oath of allegiance to the Prizzi Family, and also to atone for covering up her part in a Las Vegas scam. When he calls Irene to assure her that the Don agreed to her monetary request and that the Don would pay her what she wanted, she immediately realizes that Charley is lying to her. She packs her bags, leaves a note to Charley stating that she would be in Los Angeles and reserves a ticket to Hong Kong for that next morning. That night, Charley meets Irene at their place in Los Angeles.While dressing for bed in the bathroom Irene loads a gun equipped with a silencer, while Charley climbs into bed gripping a dagger. As she steps into the bedroom she aims and fires at Charley's head, while in the same motion Charley aims the dagger and propels it at Irene. Irene misses her target, but Charley impales her with his dagger right through the throat.He returns to New York, and makes a dinner date with his old flame Maerose Prizzi.

Lola Felana

Continuity mistake: About one hour in, Maerose is sitting at the table talking to her father. Every shot from the front shows her with her right arm across her body, but every shot from the rear shows her arm forward on the table.

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Trivia: John Huston was nominated for the Best Director Academy Award for this movie. At the age of 79, Huston became the oldest person to be Oscar nominated for directing.

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