Idlewild (2006)

Ending / spoiler

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'Spats' Spencer decides to make Sunshine Ace his succsessor to the 'Church' speakeasy , pissing off his mixed-race helper Wilbur Trumpy, who has no intention of working for Ace and in the ensuring row blows both of them away making it look like a deal gone sour. He takes over Spats' position and essentially starts running the place into the ground by among other things demanding increased debts supposedly paid off and upping the price in bootleg moonshine, prompting Rooster to sneak liquor behind Trumpys back into the club thanks to original brewer, GW. Trumpy finds out beats up GW then executes him along with his assistant. When Rooster shows up for the next secret shipment Trumpy shoots him, but thanks to a concealed bible in his jacket (he was given as a gift for helping a family who'd broken down) he survives and kills hired muscle Bobo, with a pursuit ensuring in which more of Trumpy's goons die in a shootout until the chase leads back to the church. A further firefight ends with Trumpy getting shot dead by Percival. Sally B Shelly, who was masqurading as Angel Davenport is fattally hit in the crossfire. Distraught Percival tries hanging himself, but Rooster stops him, encouraging him to go on touring across the country, while Rooster returns to his family abandoning running the club.


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