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John Tucker Must Die (2006)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where John is asking Kate out during the basketball game, he waits until she says yes, then makes the winning 3 point shot, the final score is 66-65, but after Arielle makes the news report the score board shows 68-65.


Correction: Having just watched that scene carefully it definitely says 66-65 in all shots.


Corrected entry: After John drops Kate off at her house and she shocks him, when he's leaving, Carrie's car can be seen empty, even though the girls are supposed to be there.


Correction: When the girls arrive at the house, they hop in the back seat so that John can not see them. When he is leaving, the car isn't empty, they are simply still hiding so they don't blow their cover.

Corrected entry: When the four girls are plotting against John at the school and Carrie tells Beth to turn off the lights, 'Beth' is written on the chair behind her, where later she sits down.

Correction: Actually, Carrie is so controlling that she has labeled all the chairs in the room, designating where each of the other girls is supposed to sit.

Corrected entry: When the girls are testing out Kate's boobcam, notice Heather who appears to be attaching both a blue and pink hair clipper to Kate's hair. A couple of shots later they've both disappeared.


Correction: Heather doesn't actually attach the clips to Kate's hair, and when Carrie is talking about the timeline, you can see Heather sliding the clips out.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the girls are in the kitchen and Kate gets four Diet Cokes out and Kate's Mom comes in, her mom says a couple lines, grabs one of the Diet Cokes and walks off, she then tips it back and drinks it, however, she never opened it and she tips it back all the way as if drinking the last drop in the can. This is completely impossible in the time provided.

Correction: Kate had opened it before she set it on the bar. As far as tipping it back, I know people who can drain a soda can in the blink of an eye.


Corrected entry: After the scene where they all fall off the cheerleader pyramid, where John is talking to Heather about Kate, notice the guy at the locker just to the left of Kate when she's by the wall. The guy closes his locker and walks off just as Heather finishes with John, but in the next shot, he's still at the locker.


Correction: There are several seconds from one shot to the next. In the first shot, the background character is just leaving his locker, in the next scene he is back in the locker and takes out a bag and leaves in the same direction. He easily could have forgotten the bag and gone back for it.

Ian Mugford

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Volleyball Girl: You weren't at the party last night. Where were you?
Carrie: Well, it's totally on the DL. I mean, not fit to print. I'm dating... John Tucker.



When Carrie is hiding in the locker room to record John talking with his friends, it's clear that her camera is behind the vent, and the openings in the vent are closer together then the diameter of her camera lens, however we don't see the vent slats in the camera view or the replaying of the video footage in a later scene. Not to mention the fact that she isn't holding the camera steady. This is impossible.



This film is loosely based on Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor."