Corrected entry: Alex is remarkably fast at drying himself following his scrape in the tank. No gadget Smithers gave him is an automatic self-dryer.


Correction: Alex wasn't dry after being in the tank, his hair was still wet and skin does tend to dry pretty fast.

Corrected entry: MI6 in this film appears plain stupid. Not only do they leave Alex looking nothing like a computer geek, they also fail to remove his normal mobile phone with crucial details on it, which break his cover. For the Special Operations Division of MI6 they seem to be doing many plain stupid things going way beyond character mistakes.


Correction: First - you are stereotyping the features of a computer geek. There are many film characters that don't look too geeky, like Seth Green in the Italian Job etc. Secondly - maybe Mi6 didn't know about him taking his phone with him and thought he was intelligent enough not to. So it was a character mistake on Alex's behalf.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Alex crashes through the roof of the science museum, there is an error with the subtitles. When Blunt is barking orders, it says that Mrs Jones is speaking. Unless there's something wrong with my DVD player.

Correction: The subtitles are not part of the movie. They were added for the DVD.


Corrected entry: If Ian Rider is meant to be a top secret agent, why on Earth does he have a personal number plate on his BMW that reads 1AN RID3R? This is probably the reason he was murdered.

Correction: The number plate doesn't read "1AN RID3R"(This wouldn't fit on a number plate anyway) - It reads "RID3R".

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