Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, when the helicopter sets down on top of a tall building, the registration mark of the aircraft changes noticeably several times, from G-ORMA to G-ICSG and back again.

Revealing mistake: When Alex sets-off the smoke bomb in the warehouse, the smoke is coming up from under the grate in the floor nowhere near the DS.

Continuity mistake: During the scene after 'Training', Alex is at HQ being told he will take the place of Kevin the 'computer nerd'. When Mrs Smith first hands Alex the Computer books in the wide shot, they are being held so that Alex can read the titles. In the close up shot of them landing in his hands, they are parallel to his body. Then, in the next shot, they are back to being the 'right way up'.

Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie, Ian Rider is killed by two bullets shot through his side window. The glass then shatters and forms the word, 'Stormbreaker'. However, when Alex spots his uncle's car in the breaker's yard, there are bullet holes all in the door. They were put in so Alex knew his uncle didn't just die in a car crash, but still.

Revealing mistake: When Alex is escaping on the quad bike, he skids to a stop to wait for the helicopter. There are numerous skid marks visible on the ground in the same place where previous takes were shot.

Factual error: When Smithers (not identified by name in the movie) gives Alex his kit, it includes a fountain pen which shoots a dart filled with Sodium Pentathal. That's supposed to cause a person to do what Alex says. Sodium Pentathal is a form of barbiturate. Barbiturates cause impaired coordination, therefore it's unlikely that Mr. Grin could have flown a helicopter under its effects.

Continuity mistake: When Alex walks down the side of the building on his yo-yo, he stops above a window as someone draws the curtains. Then the guards walk past and he is instanly below the window instead of above it. There is not enough time off-screen for him to have walked past it.

Visible crew/equipment: When Nadia Vole drives Alex through Port Tallon, there is a shot where you can see the filming crew in the radiator of the Hummer. This is mentioned in the filmmakers' commentary.

Continuity mistake: When Alex climbs out of the chimney in the house at the training camp, there are bits of straw on his woolly hat. In the next shot, they are all gone.

Continuity mistake: When Alex is tied to the chair and Sayle explains about his virus, Alex says "You're not being serious". The shot cuts to Sayle, who is putting a cigar in his mouth. In the shot immediately after it is a close up of Sayle and the cigar is gone.

Visible crew/equipment: During the chase at the car junk yard, it is obvious that it is not Alex but a stunt double. He has longer hair and not the exact same colour.

Jacob La Cour

Plot hole: Alex and Jack go to Liverpool St. Station to find the guys from Jeff Slater's. This is on the day of the funeral, otherwise it would make no sense going there. But when Mrs Jones sees Alex, she says "shouldn't you be at school?" This makes no sense because Alex would not go to school on the day of the funeral. It's not a character mistake because Mrs. Jones would never make that mistake.

Revealing mistake: After Alex has been pulled through the wall of the photo booth and is sitting on the chair waiting to move through the tunnels to MI6 headquarters, the wire used to pull the chair's platform along is plainly visible.

Continuity mistake: In the scene after Alex is captured, Darrius is doing a monologue with Mr. Grin and Nadia watching and Mr Grin throws a knife into the chair Alex is sitting on, impaling it above his head. All throughout the scene, the space between the knife and Alex's head changes between shots (and, no, it's not just Alex shifting in his seat), and after Darrius says, "Actually, it was a near miss," the camera cuts to a wide shot of the group and the knife is gone altogether.

Continuity mistake: During the conversation at the helipad at the end of the movie, Alex's hair changes between shots, and more than the wind could do.

Jacob La Cour

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