Little Man

Continuity mistake: The cookie Calvin rubs all over his body only has raisins on the top left of the cookie. When the grandfather picks it up they are neatly in the center: not the same cookie.

Continuity mistake: When the old man is ready to eat some cookies in front of the TV, the total number of cookies changes from 5 to 6 between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Calvin is sitting in the seat which has elastic ropes attached to it, he jumps forward to grab the grandfathers food. When he grabs the sausage, which is the last thing he eats, there is a slice of lemon on the plate, but when the grandfather looks down there is no slice of lemon. You can see this without stop motion, but it's much clearer when you do pause it.

Continuity mistake: When Percy is being interrogated by the other criminals, the objects on the table keeps changing place or disappearing.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: When little man gets into a fight with the guy in the dinosaur costume, he punches him in the nose and starts bleeding. When they show him again on the ground there's no blood on him at all.


Continuity mistake: At the hockey game, Greg is seen when Calvin is biting the player's ear, but when the player starts stomping Calvin, Greg is no longer seen.

Roman Curiel

Continuity mistake: Calvin gets a bruised face at the hockey game. The next day, they are gone. Bruises don't disappear overnight.


Continuity mistake: At the hockey game, the girl has 4 full cups of beer. She gives one to Darryl and his 2 friends, and the guy sitting beside Calvin. When she turns around, there's one full cup still on the tray.

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Suggested correction: Is was an empty cup that the Calvin finished and she put it up there, it wasn't full.

Continuity mistake: When Calvin is mad at his grandpa for having his cookies, there are only three cookies on the plate, but in the next shot there are five cookies on the plate.


Continuity mistake: During the robbery scene, Cal throws a dog out the window at a old woman, but instead she picks him up off the ground.


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