Correction: Tattoos are not new. They have been around for centuries. Just because hers looks modern does not mean anything. She may have had a good artist do her tattoo.


Correction: You must be more specific with this submission. Resubmit with more information, such as which scene and where the man is located in the audience.


Revealing mistake: In the battle at the cathedral and at the end of the film when the footage is repeated, we see people hacking away at a torn up, dead body. The problem is their swords and axes are not damaging the body at all, revealing everything is a prop of some sort.

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Vladimir: My companion seems to be missing. I do not know what has become of him.

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Trivia: Writer Guinevere Turner has stated that she actually spent much of the premier laughing at how bad the film turned out. Especially because so much of the film had been changed during filming, it had virtually no resemblance to her script.


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