Other mistake: Michelle Rodriguez's accent changes several times, not only throughout the movie, but sometimes within the same scene.

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Revealing mistake: In the battle at the cathedral and at the end of the film when the footage is repeated, we see people hacking away at a torn up, dead body. The problem is their swords and axes are not damaging the body at all, revealing everything is a prop of some sort.

Revealing mistake: During the montage at the end of the film, we see the owner of the side-show getting killed, but the problem is the blood shooting from his body is not actually coming from his body, but shooting up from a device in front of him. You can even see steam from compressed air used to shoot the blood up.

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Vladimir: My companion seems to be missing. I do not know what has become of him.

Darius the Kid: Can I see your teeth?

Sebastian: Where are you going?
Rayne: I'm going on my own.

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