Holiday on the Buses

Holiday on the Buses (1973)

5 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: When Jack goes to the surgery to take his pleasure with the nurse, he chalks on the blackboard on the door that the nurse will be unavailable for 30 minutes. When Blakey arrives, the 30 minutes note has gone from the blackboard. But when Blakey opens the door with his passkey, the 30 minutes note has re-appeared on the door.

Audio problem: When Blakey visits the butler families chalet to tell them that the dance contest is cancelled, the butlers can all be heard saying goodbye to Blakey, but none of their lips are moving.

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the film, Stan reverses the bus into the manager's car. While the manager is under the bonnet looking at the engine, causing it to fall on him, you can see a rod with padding on it to stop the bonnet from hitting the manager. It is gone in the next scene.

Continuity mistake: When Jack is about to have his wicked way with the nurse she gives him 10 minutes on her door chalkboard. Jack thinks this is not long enough, but the 10 he rubs out is suddenly smaller than the 10 the nurse wrote.

Continuity mistake: When Stan and Jack first arrive at the holiday camp, you see an overhead shot of them walking towards the main building, but when the shot changes to ground level there are different people around them than there were in the previous shot.

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