Hatchetman (2003)

3 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: Curtis is helping Molly seal the windows by screwing them shut. He hands the drill to Molly and she holds it up by her chest. When Claudia walks into the room Molly lowers the drill down in front of her below her waist. Then there is a quick cut back to Molly and Curtis as he says, " well that should do it", and the drill is back up in front of her chest again as she lowers it down a second time.

Continuity mistake: Star is driving her car from the club. In the close shots of her through the windshield the rear window is completely fogged up and nothing can be seen through it. But in the shots of her whole car, it is completely clear with full visibility.

Visible crew/equipment: Chloe and Claudia get out of class and are standing by the parking lot waiting for Sonny to pick Claudia up. Claudia looks down at her watch and then up towards the camera. As she does this there are several bright lights reflected in her sunglasses. (00:08:50)

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