Half Light

The "ghost" of 'Angus McCulloch' is in fact a conman called Patrick. He's in cahoots with Rachel Carlson's soon to ex-husband Brian and her supposedly best mate Sharon Winton. Brian has become so insanely jealous of Rachel's natural writing skills that he's set out a plan to make her crazy enough so that if she suddenly dies everyone will assume that she topped herself. Sharon has been encouraging him.


Continuity mistake: Close to the beginning of the film, when Rachael and Brian are speaking at the desk where Rachael has been typing, between shots, a pencil appears next to her watch. This change happens right before Rachael says "I couldn't have done any of this without you".

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Rachel Carlson: Why is it everyone paints their boats the exact same color as their houses?
Angus McCulloch: Well, that's actually a tradition here. The wife needs to be able to look out on the water and know her husband's okay.
Rachel Carlson: That's very romantic.
Angus McCulloch: And we also get a tax-break on the paint, which is also very romantic.

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