Spider-Man 3

Corrected entry: During the hanging cab scene, while Spidey and Venom are falling, it's easily noticeable that Peter's face's been badly pasted on a CGI body. Furthermore, in some shots his real face has been replaced by a bad CGI animation.

Sacha Premium member

Correction: The entire scene was CGI, so no, his face has not been "badly pasted" onto a CG body, nor is it particularly "bad" looking CGI for the time it came out. And just being noticeably CGI is not a mistake. If that were the case, then most major Hollywood movies would need to have all of their effects labeled as "mistakes."

Corrected entry: After freeing himself from the symbiote, the symbiote begins to fall into the area where Eddie is. In an overhead view, the symbiote is seen rapidly attaching itself to Eddie's arms and covering them. The very next shot shows the symbiote rapidly enveloping his arms again.

Correction: Just watched the scene to check and this is incorrect. The first shot (the overhead shot) merely shows the symbiote grabbing onto his shoulders. We never see it covering/enveloping his arms until the second shot.

I have seen the scene to and the overhead shot does indeed showing the symbiote covering his arms and then covering his arms again when a close up of his transformation is happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqdiN5cFgZs&app=desktop.

I just watched the link you sent. While it's true that his right arm (mainly the hand and forearm) is starting to be covered in the overhead shot, there's no inconsistency. The amount of symbiote on him is the same at the end of the overhead shot and the start of the next shot where we see him. So it's still not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Spider-man is in the bell tower, removing the symbiote, it's raining and dark outside. At the same time Eddie Brock is in the church down below and praying. You can see out of the front door of the church and it is bright and sunny outside. Similarly, every stained glass window is lit up. How can they be lit up if it is dark outside?

Correction: There are bulbs in the windows. Very common in NYC churches.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gwen is grabbing the phone cable to not fall to her death, her father and boyfriend (Eddie) arrive. They see her, and show no sign of worry. Her father asks "What is she doing up there?", but doesn't react that her daughter is about to die. Eddie, who likes her very much, doesn't react either. What's wrong with these people?

Dr. James

Correction: There is not to much to do. The building is about to fall, and they only wait for someone to help.

Anastasios Anastasatos

Corrected entry: In the city's festival, Spiderman deliberately kisses Gwen Stacy. He knows Mary Jane, his all dream girlfriend, is watching, he just met her there. Why would he kiss her? Perhaps the emotion of the festival made him kiss her, all right, but that wouldn't explain why, in a later scene, Peter goes to the restaurant to propose to Mary Jane, and gets very surprised when she tells him that he's driving her away. Did he just forget he kissed another girl in front of him? Also, while Mary Jane is very upset, when she gets to the restaurant, he greets Peter happily, even though she started to cry when she saw Peter and Gwen kissing. What's wrong with everybody?

Dr. James

Correction: Peter has spent two movies up to this point trying to learn how to keep Peter Parker and Spider-Man as separate lives. It was the whole point of creating the Spider-Man persona. In his mind, the public Spider-Man face did nothing wrong. He just doesn't quite understand how hard it would be for MJ to not see it that same way.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, Harry's butler informs him that his father died with his own weapon, and that Spiderman didn't kill him. I wonder what took him so long to tell him this. He has known this since the end of the first movie and has talked with Harry some times (as scene in the films), so why didn't he tell him this, when Harry was hunting Spiderman to kill him because of the revenge of his father? Doesn't make sense at all.

Dr. James

Correction: He didn't want Harry to think that his father lost his mind and tried to kill so many people.

Anastasios Anastasatos

Corrected entry: The last part of the movie consists in Peter trying to get off the suit, and it is shown to be very difficult and painful. Even Eddie has problems with that. Curiously, Peter took off the suit a couple of times before and saved it in his trunk. so it makes you wonder why only later he has problems taking it off.

Dr. James

Correction: The suit has problems being removed at the end because it knows that Peter wants to get it off. Before, he happily accepted it, so no problem.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: When Venom kidnaps Mary Jane in the taxi cab, trapping it mid-air in the black web. She was and continues to be on the back seat all the while, wobbling left to right. The moment Spider man makes an appearance to the scene, he lands on the bonnet of the car to face Mary Jane seated in the front seat just behind the steering wheel. This was done deliberately for the moment and remains so for the part of the taxi cab action sequence.

Correction: Or she moved to the front seat between those scenes to balance out the vehicle that was not only wobbling left/right but leaning backward/forwards.


Corrected entry: All the screams from this movie by Kirsten Dunst were recycled from Spider-Man 2.

Correction: No, they were from the first movie, one of them was from the second film. The scream when she got caught by spider-man and when he shot the web up was the same one when she fell of the cord from the bridge on the first one. Most of her screams from the second film were different for all of the other screams in the first movie and 3rd.

Corrected entry: In the crane scene, the crane operator gets on the radio and says to shut down power at the generator. When the chief arrives, he tells another cop to call the power company and have them cut the power to the entire block. What good would that do if the crane is powered by a generator?

Correction: The chief did not know that the crane was being powered by a generator.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Spider-man is going to get the key to the city, listen to the music the band is playing just as he swings in- it's the popular jingle to the Spider-man cartoon series in the 60s.

Correction: Much, much too obvious to be considered trivia.

Corrected entry: When MJ goes back to her apartment, she attempts to turn on the light and the power is off. She listens to a telephone message, which she couldn't do if the power was out.

Correction: Unknown if Harry just broke or removed the lightbulb to keep the lights off. They never show that all the power is off in the apartment, only that the light won't go on. Also, there are some answering machines with battery-backups.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the crane scene, the first damage shot shows the I-beam that is hanging from the crane crashing through the windows as everyone hits the floor. In a following shot, the boom of the crane takes out the floor below. The opening shot of the scene shows that it's a fixed boom tower crane. How did the boom get lower than the I-Beam was in the first shot?

Correction: The crane was out of control, spinning wildly and altering its height. On the first pass it was high enough to just let the I-beam strike the building. On the second pass it lowered enough to take out the floor under the models. It is a suspension of disbelief to show that the whole boom would shift downward (or that it was long enough to hit a building across the street) when it should have been at a fixed angle, but since we don't know exactly how that particular crane works or the extent of the malfunction, it's not possible to determine if the damage could cause the boom to drop.

Corrected entry: The loud noise at the end of the movie is what got the symbiote off of Peter. When he was thrown in front of the train, it was honking its horn, which would have rid him of the symbiote then.

Correction: You're assuming that it's purely volume of sound that affects the symbiote, which doesn't fit with what's shown. The two noises that are shown to affect the symbiote are similar - one is a bell, the other could be described as bell-like, albeit harsher. Given that none of the other loud noises in the film appear to have any effect, it seems reasonable to state that it's that particular type of noise that causes the symbiote problems, not just anything loud.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In Spiderman 3, a large portion of New York city is aware of Spiderman and Mary Jane's upside down kiss from Spiderman 1. An entire crowd urges Peter Parker to recreate the upside-down kiss with Gwen. However, no-one saw Spiderman and Mary Jane kiss in the first place. Although the 'upside-down kiss' scene is a memorable cinematic moment, it occurred in an abandoned alley.

Correction: They're not urging him to "recreate" anything; they just want Spider-Man and Gwen to kiss. He just happens to be upside down at the time. There is no indication whatsoever that anyone knows about his and Mary Jane's kiss.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is lying in the hospital bed, his shirt is open enough that you can see his nipple. There is a cut to Peter who speaks, and when the camera goes back to Harry, his nipple is covered up.

Correction: This mistake has already been listed.

Corrected entry: During Flint's final flashback of killing Uncle Ben, there is a tear rolling down Uncle Ben's face when he gets shot. Then the camera turns to Flint, and then back to Uncle Ben falling, and there is no tear on his face.

Correction: Because it continued rolling down his face, even while the camera was on Flint, and subsequently rolled off his face.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end when Flint Marko turns himself into a cloud of sand, it flies away into the city. When it flies behind the huge building, you can determine the sheer size of the sand cloud. But the sand cloud only came from his own body and didn't 'borrow' any nearby sand, so the volume of sand shouldn't have been so large.

Correction: Sandman can change his density as well as his size and shape. Tightly packed sand doesn't take up much space; but when spread out there appears to be much more than one might have thought.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Spiderman is going to chase Sandman after the bank robbery he rip out the sewerage cover with some concrete around it, a few seconds later when Spiderman jumps through this hole the concrete edges are totally intact.

Correction: After ripping the concrete out, you never see the outside edges again. You can see the inside, which is a large metal manhole, but this is undamaged as it was not attached to the concrete. Hence, not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter goes to tell his aunt he is going to marry MJ, she is serving him tea and goes to get milk out of the fridge. It happens fast, but if you watch, she actually pulls Tropicana Orange juice out, then the next shot, she is shown pouring milk for the tea, there is no orange juice on the table or any need for it in tea.

Correction: No, she has Tuscan milk all the time.

Sacha Premium member

Corrected entry: (Everything I'm describing is a shadow) In the scene where Sandman first meets Venom, we see the shadow of Venom on a wall get hit by a garbage can that Sandman is holding. Sandman then holds the garbage can behind his back, and if you look closely the garbage can literally disappears.

Correction: I believe he whacked him with a self-produced sand mallet. He can whack people with a stream of sand, so why not make a weapon out of it?

Corrected entry: During the "runaway crane" incident, Spider-Man comes to save the crane driver and stop the crane. Gwen is being knocked out of a building, he saves her and then swings off, never at all stopping the crane, or saving the driver.

Correction: By the time he was done rescuing Gwen, the power to the block would be cut off, just like Cpt. Stacy ordered earlier. The crane would not be a threat anymore, and the driver could easily be taken to safety.


Corrected entry: Eddie Brock's Bad Teeth. The symbiote is supposed to accentuate the host's bad characteristics. At the end of the movie, when Venom and Spiderman are fighting and just before Eddie Brock is killed, we see that he has bad teeth. When the symbiote pulls back from his face, we can see that his natural teeth are jagged and worn, hence it makes sense that the symbiote would accentuate this effect and give the Venom character vicious razor-sharp teeth like those of a shark. However, if you look at Eddie Brock in any previous scenes, he does not have bad teeth at all, in fact he has quite good teeth. Seems as if the bad teeth were an afterthought added midway through production.

Correction: It is never stated that the symbiote accentuates its hosts undesirable characteristics; only that it "amplifies aggression." Eddie's teeth are "bad" because the symbiote is a part of him, whereas it merely covered Peter; Eddie let it take him over completely. This is why the symbiote has it's natural appearance when Eddie appears as Venom, complete with it's own oral orifice.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Flint is running from the cops, he hops a fence and all of the sudden he is in some special molecule testing facility. Where are the security guards?

Correction: They vacated the area for safety because the test was about to begin. There is a fence to deter trespassers, and it's doubtful there's a whole lot of foot traffic through there anyway. The odds of someone breaking in at that particular moment were pretty slim.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter Parker is in the resturant where Mary Jane is singing he is sitting down having a drink and in the background you see Willem Defoe as an extra in the scene.

Correction: It has been stated several times that this is not Willem Dafoe, and if you look close, it is obvious the man in question looks considerably younger and different than Dafoe.

Corrected entry: The photograph of Mary Jane next to Peter's police scanner is the picture he took of her at the science exhibit in the first Spider-Man movie.

Correction: Pointing out the obvious doesn't make it trivia.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the start of the film, when Peter is explaining to Mary Jane about how sound waves travel, his explanation ends up being applicable to the concept of how the symbiote can be defeated.

Correction: This is considered "Foreshadowing", not trivia.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Eddie enters J Jameson's room without permission to show him the Spider-man photos you can see Miss Brant pick up her phone in frustration. But in the next shot you can see Miss Brant looking inside through the glass.

Correction: So she decided not to call Jonah, and just watch to see how he reacted to Brock's intrusion.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Spiderman is fighting Venom at the start of the battle to save MJ, his mask is removed and thrown from the building. Within 1 minute, it's magically reappeared on his head.

Correction: No, he is thrown to the ground, conveniently landing next to his mask, at which point he puts it back on.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the police officer throws the tarp from the top of the sand truck, the entire tarp falls off. Yes, this had to work to sell the sequence, but there is no way someone could lift the entire tarp off of that long truck, especially at the angle and the force with with he drew the tarp. Look closely, you can tell that a wire connected to the middle of the tarp was used to lift it from the truck bed and was deleted digitally later.

Correction: We are not supposed to believe he took it off completely. He lifts it up, and the wind picks it up the rest of the way.

Corrected entry: When Flint Marco is walking downing the street just after turning into Sandman, two cops notice him and give chase. He runs behind a truck and disappears. When the cops get there, there are 5 or 6 people walking by. From their point of view they would of seen where he went, but no one seems dumbfounded or shocked that a man just turned to sand and slid into the back of a truck. The tarp on the truck was tied down on all sides, so he couldn't have jumped in as a man.

Correction: There is no reason that Flint could not have rolled under the truck, then turned to sand, as opposed as just turning to sand. The movie even shows that the sand is still entering the truck when the cops arrive.

Corrected entry: When Sandman is in his house you see him breaking up the bread ready to eat, as he leaves through the window the bread is a whole loaf again.

Correction: He puts the two halves of the bread together on the table. The loaf isn't whole again, but we can't see the split since the way the loaf is placed.

Corrected entry: When MJ goes over to Harry's place for lunch, Harry is seen putting butter and what looks like peppers into the pan. They then start dancing until MJ says "The butter!" The next shot shows the pan with only butter in in - no peppers.

Correction: Harry puts red peppers in a stainless steel skillet and puts the butter in a black non-stick pan. When she yells,"The butter!," they then add eggs to the black skillet with the butter. The Butter and Peppers were never in the same pan.

David Little

Corrected entry: When Aunt May comes to visit Peter at his apartment, she is easily able to open the door that has taken Pete's strength to open from the outside every other time throughout the film.

Correction: She doesn't open the door, she knocks and Peter lets her in. He also breaks off the doorknob in this scene because the door is stuck.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: When Peter and MJ are on the bridge, in the shot where MJ walks away, Pater's hand holding the wedding ring remains up by his face. In the next shot, the long shot where Peter is seen entirely in the frame, his hand is down by his side.

Correction: The shot has a time cut, you can tell because MJ is already all the way off of the bridge and out of view. There's more than enough time for Peter to drop his hand down to his side.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: Whatever happened to Spiderman's spider's sense? Throughout the movie, Spiderman was caught quite off guard, such as in the first encounter with the New Goblin. Shouldn't the spider sense given him some sort of heads up?

Correction: You could actually see realization dawning on Peter's face just before Harry snatches Peter off his scooter. Harry was moving too fast for Peter to react in time, though. Venom doesn't trigger Spider-Man's spider-sense because the symbiote was once a part of Peter.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Spider-Man first goes to save MJ from Venom and Sand-Man, there is a panning shot of the crowd turning to look at him. In the crowd is a fireman who lifts a small child up so he can see. The shot switches between the crowd and Spider-Man, and every time it goes back, it shows the fireman lifting the child again.

Correction: There is enough time between shots for the fireman to have lowered the child. Perhaps the fireman was amusing the child by lifting it up and down. Or perhaps the child said something that the fireman couldn't hear so the fireman brought the child back down to listen. There are numerous reasons why this would occur.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: The Sandman and his wife both have blue eyes. Their daughter has brown eyes which is genetically impossible since blue eyes are recessive.

Correction: A simple Google search proves this wrong. It was once thought to be true, but today is known not to be.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Venom knows everything that Spider-Man knows, since the alien costume was once part of Spider-Man. How did Venom know about Sandman's dying daughter, if Spider-Man and the police only think Sandman is a violent murderer? As a photographer, Venom would not have access to Sandman's criminal file, and Peter refused to look at the file at the police station.

Correction: We don't know how long Venom had been tailing Flint before he propositioned him. It would make sense to dig up something that would persuade Flint to help him.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After Spider-Man floods the storm drain sand man is in, he begins to disintegrate, as does any sand in water. He tries to pick up the locket of his daughter, yet is unable to, due to his liquefying form. He is then washed through the sewers as disintegrated sand, but when he reforms himself at the other end he's somehow got the locket in his hand.

Correction: Because the locket got washed out with him. Once he was able to reform, he did so with the sand the locket was buried in, bringing it back to him.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the cop is chasing Flint, the tarp above them flutters, causing the cops to climb a ladder. When the cop climbs the ladder the next shot shows him with a shovel that's appeared from nowhere.

Correction: He got the shovel off of the back of the truck. Since we don't see his entire climb, he must have grabbed it on his way up.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Eddie Brock is taking photos of Gwen Stacy hanging from the girder, he is using a telephoto lens that the Chief looks through for a close-up look at his daughter. Only a moment later when Spider-Man brings Gwen to the ground he instantly has a regular lens on his camera.

Correction: It is not a "moment later." There is a lengthy rescue scene, during which Brock, while off camera, could have (and most certainly would have) changed the lens from telephoto to close range, since Spider-Man and Gwen were coming closer.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: During Peter and Marko's final scene together where Peter gives Flint forgiveness, Flint says something like "I'm sorry I killed your uncle." There is no way for Marko to have known that the man he killed was indeed Peter's uncle, for Marko only knows him as 'Spider-Man', and not 'Peter Parker'.

Correction: Sandman was working with Venom, and Venom knew Peter's identity. It's a given that Venom told Sandman who Spider-Man was. Then, given what Spider-Man had said to him before about Ben Parker, Sandman put two and two together.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Peter tells Aunt May that he plans on proposing to Mary Jane, she makes some tea for them. But instead of tea, only hot water is poured from the teapot. Furthermore, Aunt May then proceeds to add milk to the cups of hot water.

Correction: That's because the tea is already in the bottom of the cups. She added the hot water to the tea leaves (or ground tea), then the milk for flavor and cooling. My grandparents make tea the same way.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: In the first Spiderman movie, JJ is told that when they featured Spiderman on the cover they sold out, he wanted more pictures of him, but was told "Eddie has been on it for weeks and just can't get a shot of him"Now when the first movie came out all of us comic geeks knew it was in reference to Eddie Brock. But in Spiderman 3, Brock is a "new guy" trying to get a job and had to introduce himself.

Correction: Eddie was freelance, just like Peter has been. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that no one in the office had met him except Robbie, since Robbie's job is directly related to the photographs that appear in the Daily Bugle. Just because Peter went to JJ personally doesn't mean everyone does.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: The symbiote is vulnerable to sound and sonic vibrations. We see this at the bell tower and the construction site at the end. However, When black Spiderman is fighting Sandman in the sewer tunnels, subway trains are shooting past them left and right. Those make tremendous noise when moving at high speeds, far more noise than a single church bell or a couple of ringing metal rods. However, black Spider-Man was not affected at all.

Correction: It's not just noise. A subway train makes a lot of noise, yes, but it is of all different kinds of frequencies. The bell and the pipes however make resonating tones. They cause consistent waves within Venom's fluidic body that just simple noise does not.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: At one point during the final fight sequence, Venom rips off Spider-Man's mask. Later in the scene, it has reappeared.

Correction: Spider-Man falls to the ground (on the sand), his mask is right next to him and he picks it up.

Corrected entry: The first time we see MJ hostage in the taxi cab and she's hanging in the black web, she is in the back seat. The second time we see her in the cab, she's in the front driver's seat.

Correction: Between shots, she has moved around the car to try and level it out and reduce the risk of it falling. She moves from the front to the back of the cab a few times throughout the scene.

mandy gasson

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