The King

The King (2005)

Ending / spoiler

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Paul catches Elvis leaving his house, so follows him and threatens to tell his dad that his little sister is seeing Elvis. This prompts a knife being fatally plunged into his guts. Whether Elvis did this on purpose or not is left to debate (maybe it wasn't intentionally for him to commit fratracide, then again who was obviously jealous of how his little brother grew up in a stable family). Either way Elvis (in a nod to psycho) wraps up Paul up in his plastic shower curtain strips him then drives out into a local slowly submerge him into the depths beneath the surface of the water. Once leaving he cleans the curtain and returns it too his room, prior to leaving Paul's truck outside the Sandow's house, before burning Paul's bloodied clothes. Elvis confides in Malerie and she makes him drive out of the murder scene where they prey for forgiveness. Her mom soon after comes apart and loses her faith whilst her father remains strong. He takes Elvis to practice archery and sees how alike both his sons skills are. Eventually David publically confesses his sins to his congregation prompting a minor walk out among his flock before welcoming his eldest son to his church excepting him as part of his family. Naturally Malerie is devistated at this act of incest her half brother has involved her in. Once her dad leaves for to his church, she confesses her relationship to her mum (who's always had her suspicions and wanted Elvis out of her home once Paul came back), prompting Elvis to take his rifle and commit sorocide by blowing away his own teenage sister and her mum. He dumps them both on his father's bed and on seeing Malerie is still alive he suffocates her with a pillow after which he burns down the house. He shows up at his father's parish and asks about forgiveness.


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