Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Revealing mistake: Episode: Testimony of a Traitor (season 2): As the 'video' of Buck's former advocate/cohort begins, we see a disheveled man in uniform seated behind a desk in his bombed out office. The TV on his desk is an obvious late-70's model, and his video player is a vintage 1978 model. This show is supposed to be about the 25th Century, and the Treason video, based in 1987 - and Buck was an Air force commander - so you'd think this government officer friend would have more futuristic-looking technology in his office.

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Buck Rogers is supposed to be a Captain in the Air Force, but he is wearing Navy wings. In fact he is not even wearing Naval Aviator (pilot) wings, he is wearing Naval Flight Officer (navigator) wings.



Episode: Jennifer> When Buck is standing in the hangar, following a short protest with the security guard about boarding flight 409; the flight 'Jennifer' is on, the P.A. announces the flight take off, and calls for Captain Christopher Pike. Captain Christopher Pike was Captain James T. Kirk's predecessor in the original Star Trek pilot and opening episodes; either a strange coincidence, or possibly a homage to the classic Star Trek series.