Guns of Navarone

Corrected entry: When Gregory Peck and Anthony Quayle are piloting the boat through the storm, they're talking about the other team members. Peck says "I think our friend Baker has some explaining to do." The actor who played the "Butcher of Barcelona" was Stanley Baker, while his character's last name in the movie was Brown.


Correction: The "friend Baker" referred to is not the "team member, " but the "Major Baker" in command of the British base at which the laundry-boy Nickolai was caught eavesdropping on the team while planning the operation. Major Baker at first refused to hold Nickolai incommunicado for a week, until threatened by Major Franklin (Quayle). Because the Captain of the Nazi boat that intercepted "the team's" boat seemed to know its mission, both Quayle's and Pecks suspected that Major Baker - cynically "their friend" - had not fulfilled his promise to sequester Nickolai, after the team departed, and, thereby, Nickolai had disclosed the team's presence and objective to a Nazi contact.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie Maria says to Andrea "now you will go back to Crete" you hear him say "yes", but his lips don't move.

Correction: Try saying the word "Yes", you will find that your lips do not move when you say it.

His lips are firmly closed.

Corrected entry: It is typical for English-speaking actors trying to speak German, but still noticeable: With his thick accent, speech rhythm and choice of words in his 'perfect German' ("Meine Uhr muß zu langsam gehen" - 'My watch must be going too slow'; in German you would say:"Meine Uhr geht wohl nach"), Mallory would have had his crew caught much faster than he could say 'Hey.'

Correction: If you're referring to scene where he answers the captured field phone, that's the point of the scene. The German he's talking to recognizes the fake accent and poor grammar and sounds the alarm.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Miller exposes the traitor, he uses the expression "Q.E.D.". This is a short form of the Latin saying "Quod erat demonstrandum", which means (approximately) "which was to be proven".

Correction: This is absolutely not trivia. It is like explaining that when someone says 8.00 a.m. they are using an abbreviation for ante meridian, meaning before noon.

Corrected entry: When the girl is exposed as a traitor to the group and she is held by Andrea (Anthony Quinn)the first shot is one where Andrea has a chest full of medal ribbons, however when the close up appears there are no medals.

Correction: The only badge/ medal/ribbon visible at any time on the capturedGerman uniform, worn by Anthony Quinn, is the German eagle clutching a swastika, seen on the right side of his tunic.

Dennis Gannon

Corrected entry: In the scene near the beginning of the movie, just after the team gets to the top of the cliff, the German soldiers are put on alert and head out to the cliff. As they leave the compound, one of the German trucks proudly displays the "Dodge" name on the tailgate. An American vehicle with German decals.

Correction: It could be captured equipment, or pre-war stock.

Plot hole: Maria describes in lurid detail how Anna was arrested by the Germans and tortured by being severely whipped, leaving her with gruesome scars all over her back. She also says that Anna hasn't spoken a word to anyone since she escaped from captivity. How, then, does Maria (or anyone else) know about the scars? Nobody saw them (they don't exist) and Anna obviously didn't tell anyone about them.

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Corporal Miller: Sir, I've inspected this boat, and I think you ought to know that I can't swim.

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Trivia: Anthony Quinn was so taken with Rhodes, the location for the movie, that he decided to buy some land there. Particularly a bay formerly known as Vagies Bay, which is still called Anthony Quinn Bay.

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