Revenge of the Ninja

Revealing mistake: If you watch the scene when Caifano buys information off the homeless man, when his limousine pulls up on the pavement you can see people stood in the windows of the building behind watching the filming. (00:23:51)

Jack Vaughan

Revealing mistake: When Braden throws the mini knife into Chifano's hand at the end of the film, Chifano turns his hand around, and the point of the blade is at a lower position than where the handle and the rest of the blade entered into his hand. (01:14:40)


Revealing mistake: A woman cuts her finger on a miniature ninja doll sword, but she only touches the blunt back of it. (00:18:45)


Factual error: Star shuriken, despite common misconception, are not inherently deadly weapons. They were mostly used for distraction, since their lack of a single weighted point makes their attack rather inefficient (although the weapon could be coated with poison). Although it is possible to hit an eye, it is very difficult to hit such a small target or scoring a sufficiently deep wound to penetrate to the brain with a star shuriken.

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Chifano: Braden, you're dealing with me now. As far as you're concerned, that stuff is already paid for. It's mine. So don't try any funny stuff.
Braden: Don't fuck with the Japanese, Chifano. They can be very dangerous.
Chifano: I'll fuck with whoever I want. I don't need you. I'll make my own deals.
Braden: If you're thinking about going behind my back Chifano, you'll be making a big mistake. A very big mistake. You don't even know me yet.

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Trivia: It is commonplace for Sho Kosugi films that whenever a family is to be portrayed; his two sons Shane and Kane are cast into corresponding roles.

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