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Bugsy: I'm Bugsy Siegel, ever heard of me?
Showgirl: No, what do you do?
Bugsy: I kill people.

Arnold Rothstein: ...When war comes, the winner will be the one who gets his enemy to trust him.
Lucky: How do I do that?
Arnold Rothstein: You save his life.

Arnold Rothstein: What's the secret of America? money! Everything is money, Charlie. But you'll never make any money, because you dress like a schmuck.

Lucky: I don't have a wife, because emotion is dangerous.
Arnold Rothstein: Aren't you human?
Lucky: Would it help?

Don Giuseppe 'Joe the Boss' Masseria: ...Charlie, you're a swell guy. But from now on, if you look the wrong way... if you even fart in the wrong direction, then you end up like Rothstein.
Lucky: Joe, you're always complaining I don't eat. If I don't eat, how am I gonna fart?

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