United 93

United 93 (2006)

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The passengers of United 93 devise a plan to stop the terrorists by getting two passengers to the front who have both flight and air traffic control experience. They try to keep it quiet for awhile until the terrorist (with the bomb) turns his back on them for a second. The passengers scream and run towards the terrorist, beating him within an inch of his life, and discovering that his bomb was fake. They make their way to the front of the plane, where they fight off the younger terrorist who was kept out of the cockpit. Once they deal with him, the terrorist piloting the plane starts to shake the plane about to stop them from breaking through the cockpit door. After much struggle, the passengers eventually break through the door, and grab the two terrorists flying the plane. The plane plummets into a nosedive and rolls upside down before crashing.

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At the end, during the fight scenes in the first class cabin, the number of overhead compartment doors that are open changes.



Families of the 40 passengers and crew members killed on United Flight 93 cooperated in the production, offering Greengrass detailed background about their loved ones, down to the clothes they wore, what reading materials or music they had with them and what sort of candy they might have snacked on aboard the plane.