United 93

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when the United pilots are walking toward the plane they show United 93 at its gate. The plane shown is a Boeing 777 and not the 757-222.

Correction: It IS a 757-222 continuously throughout the film, including all shots of the pilots walking towards it.


Corrected entry: In what is believed to be the final few minutes of flight 93, we know factually that Todd Beamer said, "Okay. Let's Roll." In the movie, in the scenes believed to represent what really happened, some other passenger (not the actor playing Todd Beamer) is the one making the final bold encouragement statements, but it isnt "Okay. Let's Roll. The passenger states, "Okay are we ready to roll?"

Correction: Actually, the passenger says "Come on guys, let's roll".

Corrected entry: In every Air Traffic Control room, the scopes still display the hijacked aircraft's information regardless of the fact that they have turned the transponders off ("we are tracking a primary" as said in the movie). Primary (non-squawking) targets show only as blips with no information on radar scopes.

Correction: Primary Targets can be tagged by the controller to help them remember callsigns, etc.

Corrected entry: According to the 9/11 Commission, the hijackers all retreated into the cockpit prior to the charge.

Correction: No one knows what happened exactly. The filmmakers are allowed to improvise.

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Ziad Jarrah: Open the door. Open the door and nobody will be hurt.



At the end, during the fight scenes in the first class cabin, the number of overhead compartment doors that are open changes.



Families of the 40 passengers and crew members killed on United Flight 93 cooperated in the production, offering Greengrass detailed background about their loved ones, down to the clothes they wore, what reading materials or music they had with them and what sort of candy they might have snacked on aboard the plane.