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Corrected entry: There is a LOT screwed up about Sally's boyfriend's Class A Army uniform. First, thats not the patch for the 4th Infantry Division. Second, had he been in a combat zone he would have a combat patch on his right shoulder along with the one on his left. Third, he only has two ribbons (Purple Heart and National Defense) on his chest when he should have four (those two plus the Army Service and the Global War on Terrorism Ribbons).

Kevin Flatley

Correction: There is a LOT screwed up with "mistakes" of this type. It is ILLEGAL to correctly represent US military uniforms on television or film. Filmmakers have to make mistakes - ridiculous, but that's the law. If they represented his uniform correctly, they would face prosecution.


Corrected entry: There is is no possible way that someone can go from being a civilian to being in Iraq in two weeks. Since the "soldier" was Infantry that would be 1-2 weeks of processing (medical and admin stuff) 14 weeks of Basic, another 1-2 weeks of processing at the 4th I.D., and then it would still take him over a week to get to a combat zone like he was at best (which would never happen either).

Kevin Flatley

Correction: That's not a mistake, it's a joke. Staten's administration is handling the war so badly and the military is so short on recruits that they're rushing soldiers through training and into combat impossibly fast. This movie is a satire; you should expect some over-the-top concepts.


Factual error: The 4th Infantry Division drives Bradley fighting vehicles, not LMTV's (trucks) as seen in the Iraq scene.

Kevin Flatley
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Omer: You have been Omerized.

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