She's the Man

Plot hole: Viola convinces her mother she is staying at her father's house for two weeks, but who covers for Viola with school administrators? As far as we see in the movie, Viola is not reported absent from either Cornwall or Illyria (a transfer would explain not being reported absent from Cornwall). Administrators or class mates at Cornwall would find it strange that she stopped showing up, since soccer training had already started. It is unlikely Viola officially transferred to Illyria, since her parents would have to sign off on that, or at least start paying her tuition to a different school. Viola could have called in sick to either Cornwall or Illyria, but this is never addressed in the movie. And if the soccer program at either school started before the official school year, it would make no sense for them to have a biology class with students not enrolled in athletic programs at Illyria.

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