Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Trivia: The script called for several Japanese-speaking officers and a company of Japanese troops to be on the island. There were no Japanese men on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, where the film was shot. A half-dozen who spoke the language were finally found in a Japanese emigrant community in Brazil and flown to the location to play the officers. For the non-speaking roles of Japanese troops, the company hired 50 Chinese who worked in the island's restaurants and laundries. This caused friction with the local islanders, who found it difficult if not impossible to get their clothes cleaned or to get a meal in a restaurant because most of the employees were working on the film.


Trivia: Robert Mitchum had just returned from spending four months in Tobago filming "Fire Down Below" (1957) when he learned that his agent had committed him to this movie, filming in Tobago. Mitchum was very enthusiastic about playing the role of the marooned corporal - until he learned that director John Huston had first tried to interest Marlon Brando in the role. Still, it is said that it was Mitchum's favorite role ever.

Continuity mistake: When Allison arrives at the island in his raft, he sticks out his head to take a look. When his face is seen, his hair is completely dry, but when his back is seen as he prepares to go ashore, his hair is soaked.

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Cpl. Allison, USMC: Just like takin' candy from a baby.

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