Failure To Launch

Deliberate mistake: At one point they use a Red Ryder BB gun (Yes, just like in A Christmas Story) and the guy says "You pumped it more than twice, didn't you" to his female counterpart when they shoot the bird. Red Ryder BB guns cannot be cocked/pumped more than once, due to the simple nature of the toy gun that it is.


Continuity mistake: When Paula has just shot the guy in the back while playing paintball, the next scene shows her walking toward the three guys and it looks like she still has her paintball attire on. In the next shot, it shows her close-up and she has a tank top on.

Bonita Kilpatrick
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Boatyard Woman: Guys who drink Kahlua and cream are not power guys, honey.

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Question: What is the song at the beginning of the movie when Tripp is getting dressed?"Not Bad at all" is part of the lyrics, what is the song called and who sings it?

Answer: It's called "Not Bad at All" by Steven McDonald.

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