Failure To Launch

Tripp finds out about Paula's deal with his parents and goes sulking at the boatyard, while Paula gets ready to move back in with *her* parents. Their friends come up with a plan to make them reconcile - by abducting Tripp and locking him up at Ace's house with Paula - and it works.Paula and Tripp get their own boat, Ace (who actualy owns his own house) and Kit get together, Demo goes hiking through the Amazon with his new girlfriend, and Tripp's parents are finally rid of him.


Continuity mistake: When Tripp has gotten ready for the day he comes down to the kitchen. We find his mother writing Tortilla Chips on the dry erase board. When Tripp finishes off the OJ in the kitchen he tosses it into the trash can opened by his mother. We see the dry erase board in a couple of different shots and the way it is written changes from shot to shot.


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Jeffrey: My teacher Miss Kramer has a girlfriend.
Paula: Oh, that's nice.
Jeffrey: She's a lesbian.

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Question: What is the song at the beginning of the movie when Tripp is getting dressed? "Not Bad at all" is part of the lyrics, what is the song called and who sings it?

Answer: It's called "Not Bad at All" by Steven McDonald.


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