Thank You for Smoking

Factual error: After Nick Naylor visits "The Captain" in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, he is being driven to the airport to fly back to Washington. In one shot, mountains are visible in the background. However, they are brown and barren, like mountains in Southern California, which is probably where that scene was shot. How come many movie and television directors don't seem to understand that mountains in the Eastern U.S. look different from mountains in the West?

Factual error: In the introductory scene for Maria Bello, she is shown on the cover of a wine magazine with a headline which mispells "Burgundy" as "Burgandy"

Factual error: In an early scene with the lobbyist's family having dinner, they're eating take-out chicken from Dinah's, you can tell from the bucket featured. Dinah's is a California only restaurant but they don't live there - you know this because a short time later, the lobbyist-father and his son exclaim, "We're going to California."

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