The Brain That Wouldn't Die
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Jan Compton: And what else has happened to it?
Kurt: What do you mean, what else? Well, it's... It's mutated some, of course. It's changed considerably.

Jan Compton: What's locked behind that door?
Kurt: A horror... no normal mind can imagine. Something even more terrible than you.
Jan Compton: No, my deformed friend, like all quantities, horror has it's ultimate, and I am that.

Dr. Bill Cortner: Oh, come on now, Doris. Do I look like a maniac who goes around killing girls?

Dr. Bill Cortner: There's more to surgery than just being a carpenter to patch up walls or a plumber to drain pipes. Our body's capable of adjusting in ways we've never dreamt of. If we could only find the key.

Kurt: You're nothing but a freak of life! And, a freak of death.

Dr. Cortner: The Superintendent had it out with me. He thinks it's you who's been stealing those limbs from the amputee operations.
Dr. Bill Cortner: So what if it is?

Dr. Cortner: An operating room is no place to experiment.

Jan Compton: Nothing you can be is more terrible than what I am.

Dr. Bill Cortner: Is it a crime for science to jump ahead? By years?

Revealing mistake: When the blonde stripper slaps the brunette slapper, for calling her "leftovers," in the closeup of the brunette being slapped, the hand is that of a male; very rough and hairy, and not the blonde stripper's.

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