Silent Running

Silent Running (1972)

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Corrected entry: The premise of the story is that plant life has been rendered extinct on Earth, with the only remaining foliage being sustained in a few space-borne conservatories. Wood products would then be rarities. Yet, the user manuals for the spaceship's systems are all printed on paper.

Correction: We have no evidence it was paper. It could be a thin plastic or rice based. Alternativly it could be recycled from waste that could only suitabley be used for making manual-quality paper.

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Freeman Lowell has several cargo containers dumped off the spaceship, to make it appear the ship has suffered an accident. A wide shot shows the ship receding in the distance, with the containers rolling weightlessly in the foreground. As the foreground containers pass slightly in front of the more distant ones, they don't mask them; their images overlap. The containers were apparently composited into the shot with simple multiple exposures.



The space ship "Valley Forge" from Silent Running was re-used in one episode of the television series "Battlestar Galactica" (1978-1979). It was called the "agro-ship," used to grow food for the colonists.